Heal Stretch Marks

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A look at stretch marks: Stretch marks are stripes on the skin from excessive stretching and rupture of elastic fibers especially due to pregnancy or obesity.

Africa's Recommended Treatment:

#1 Choose a moisturizing Cleanser

The African Solution: Dudu-Osun Soap or Natural Black Soap When you have stretch marks, the key to healing is moisture! Choose a soft, gentle cleanser that is free from detergents or alcohol. Dudu-Osun and natural black soap are all-natural and made with African ingredients like Shea butter or plantain skins that penetrate the pores, bringing moisture and healing

#2 Choose an intense moisturizer

The African Solution: Cocoa Butter ,Shea Butter, and  Mango Butter

Some of the best stretch mark healers are from Africa. When cocoa butter was discovered it became so popular because of how effective it was in healing stretch marks. Later, Africans discovered shea butter, and the rest of the world has been using it since as another alternative to healing. Mango butter is also a great stretch mark healer that does double-duty while healing age spots, wrinkles, and dry skin.

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