Heal Insect Bites

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Heal Insect Bites

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Solution #1 - Keep away bugs! - One proven way to keep the bugs away is with neem oil. Neem oil is used worldwide as a way to ward off pesky insects from your skin, and also from your garden plants. Simply add about fifteen drops to a spray bottle of water and spray on your skin to ward off insects. You can also use tea tree oil in the same manner, just add the fifteen drops to the water for a natural remedy.

Solution #2 - Heal existing insect bites - Neem oil not only keeps away insects, but it also rapidly heals insect bites. Apply a few drops to the area of irritation for healing and relief. Virgin coconut oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it relieves itching quickly while healing the bite. Tea tree oil also helps to heal and relieve itching. Simply apply to insect bites with a cotton swab.

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