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Set Of 14 Nubian Heritage Soaps - African Orchard Natural Products

Set Of 14 Nubian Heritage Soaps

$ 41.95 $ 59.95

Get all Fourteen Nubian Heritage Soaps and Save!
Enjoy fourteen all-natural Nubian Heritage soaps; each one is made with all-natural ingredients, some organic certified, and essential oil aroma blends. M-S300S 

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  • Patchouli & Buriti
    •Black Soap with Shea Butter
    •Shea Butter Soap with Lavender and Wild Flowers
    •Body Butter Soap
    •Peppermint Soap
    •Olive Butter Soap
    •Honey and Black Seed Soap
    •Raw Shea Butter Soap with Soy Milk
    •Ivorian Cocoa Butter Soap
    •Coconut and Papaya Soap
    •Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil
    •Carrot & Pomegranate
    •Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiveer
    •Goats Milk & Chai